During the Covid pandemic, Christians from a number of local churches began to meet and pray weekly for there to be much improved outcomes for the most vulnerable children in our communities. In 2022, this led to conversations about an potential new partnership between local Christians, the County Council and a Christian organisation called ‘Safe Families.’ This charity already works with fifty other local authorities, and is trusted to provide trained volunteers to get alongside families in need, through two members of staff: one to liaise with Oxfordshire social workers, and one to train and support the local volunteers.

A number of Christian leaders believe that this particular project holds great promise for churches together to have a much more positive influence in our communities, and discussions with the County Council have been warm. However, discussion stalled in late 2022, seemingly over the challenge of paying for the two workers that Safe Families would need to employ. As a result, some Oxford churches have given the month of January to praying for a breakthrough from the current stalemate.

We would now like to invite all who are interested in seeing ‘Safe Families’ operating in Oxfordshire to join together in prayer on Tuesday 7th February, 8-9pm at The King’s Centre, Osney Mead, Oxford, OX2 0ES. We anticipate people coming from churches across the county There’s no need to book in. Please just turn up, and let’s pray together for a better future!