Eileen White, chair of the board of trustees for the Hub, shares an update on the Hub building project.

The Hub is an exciting project to build a new, modern, zero emission community building that will be home to Wantage Community Church and serve the community in Kingsgrove, Wantage and Grove and beyond.

Here I am with Andy Bruce introducing some residents from the Kingsgrove Community to the amazing Hub plans. We regularly attend resident meetings and social events to promote the Hub.

We’ve had a few setbacks, but God has been good, and we are one by one solving all the challenges we face in such a major building project.

In August we heard that our builders, with whom we have been working since the beginning of this project, were no longer able to build the Hub for us. Since then, we have been working hard to find a new builder. We are currently in high level negotiations with two builders and are confident we will soon be able to sign agreements with one of them – praise God!

Here a group of us are praying in front of the land where the Hub will be built. We regularly pray for the Hub project and are very grateful for your prayers.

Recently we heard that our bid for a major grant was not successful. This was most disappointing. Life would be easy if this had been accepted! But maybe God wants us to look back and know that this gift was without doubt from Him. Gideon knew God had won the victory for Him – he didn’t have enough soldiers! We don’t have all the money in the bank yet, but we do have faith that God will provide.

Good news is that we now have the promised £1m donation in our bank account. Plans are already being made to ensure this money will be earning interest until we need to spend it. Our timeline is yet to settle as the legal agreements are further clarified. Please pray that the fixed price will be low and become clear quickly.